The Easiest Way To Lose Weight Without Exercise..

Ok folks. In the last post I wrote about what I think is the quickest way to lose weight.  Running. The only bad part is you have to run, which even if you like it kind of sucks. Running is the opposite of drinking alcohol. When you drink it is fun and then it sucks. When you run, it sucks and then you feel good after. Once in a blue moon you will have that amazing run where you feel like you could go on forever. But, most of the time, it just plain sucks.

So, I have an alternative to lose tons of weight without ANY exercise.

You want to know what it is?

Well, it is very simple.

Eat Nothing But Meat…

Eat Meat. Just meat and water. Maybe some cheese. No veggies until you lose the weight. The easiest and fastest way to lose weight on the planet.

I once lost about 30 pounds in a couple months eating nothing but grilled steak and fried eggs. I would grill steak every night for dinner and make enough for left overs. Then I would fry a half a dozen or so eggs and put them with the sliced steak in a container and bring them to work. Then I would eat whenever I felt hungry. The weight started dropping off. I also mixed protein powder with whole cream for a low carb pudding and had that for dessert.

I got his idea at the time from a guy named Vince Gironda. He had a gym in California called Vince’s Gym and used to train bodybuilders and movie stars. He even trained Arnold Schwarzenegger at one time. It worked like magic.

I will make another post soon about paleo and low carb eating but it really is easy. Once your blood sugar stabilizes from not eating carbohydrates every three or four hours, you are hardly even hungry. The only drawback is it just isn’t very satisfying. Not in the same way as, say a baguette with butter on it.

But if you like steak, you can’t go wrong.

Now, I can hear people saying how unhealthy this is. I agree it seems unhealthy. The way I always look at eating low carb when I do it, is that I would be eating this stuff anyways just with a lot of bread and pasta on top of it. The way I see it is that if I am thinner and have more energy, something is working.

So get the grill and skillet out and give it a try.



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