3 Ways To Guarantee You Won’t Get Fat, or Too Fat

First of all, I admit that right now I am not in good shape. In fact, according to a BMI calculator I am overweight. I am 5’9″ tall and weigh about 195 pounds. I say about because I get down below 190 and then balloon up to 200. This is the cycle I have been in for the last 3 or 4 years.

At one time I was 162 pounds and ripped. This was after I ran a marathon and a 50k. That was the best shape I have ever been in. But not now. Now I am fat.

But, at 195ish I am in better shape than most or probably all of my friends. When I complain about being 195 almost everybody says they wish they were 195. Maybe I need some new friends.

Here is the thing though. I can somewhat eat what I want and stay at this weight as long as I reign it in every now and then and stay somewhat active. So although I love being in shape, I REALLY love to cook and eat.

So here are three of my countless set of rules I use to stay overweight, but not obese, I guess?.

Rule #1 Don’t Eat Where Fat People Eat

If you are eating in a restaurant full of fat people, maybe think about trying somewhere else. This is really hard nowadays because everybody is fat, but you get the point.

For a short while my wife had somewhere to take my daughter on Wednesday nights. My wife dislikes Chinese food (I know). What can I say, she doesn’t like rice (I know). So, my son and I started going to a Chinese restaurant called Grand Fortune. Typical American Chinese food. You know kung pao and all that done well. Typical Chinese restaurant décor. It looks like a place straight out of Big Trouble In Little China.

Anyways, one night were are sitting there and I am drinking a Buddha beer after stuffing myself with crab Rangoon and kung pao chicken. I start looking around and noticing that ALL the other diners are overweight. I mean ALL! Then I started watching the endless stream of takeout order picker uppers coming through the door. They were overwhelmingly overweight as well.

Then I started thinking about one of my best friends who absolutely loves Chinese food. He has a huge struggle with this weight as well.

I looked at my son and said half jokingly maybe we shouldn’t eat this so often. And I haven’t. It has been probably a year since I have eaten Chinese.

Now don’t think I am condemning Chinese food. Same goes for barbecue, fried chicken and most other place I love.

All I am saying is if a eating establishments clientele is largely overweight, maybe find another place to be a regular customer.

Rule #2 Don’t Eat Fast Food, Or At Least French Fries

I understand that for most people not eating fast food is impossible. However, if you can avoid it, it will make staying thin or in shape much easier. When I was in the best shape of my life I went two years without eating a single fast food meal. Two years!  If I can do it anybody can. I own a construction company and eat out of my truck almost every day of the week. But, I also understand.

What I do now when I stop to eat fast food is limit my calorie intake. I used to get a large combo meal, plus an extra burger when I would eat at these places. Now, I order a large sandwich (think Big Mac, Whopper) and that is it. I don’t get a combo. I don’t get fries or a drink.

Do I want fries? Sure. I would rather eat the Big Mac and fries with ranch. But I would then feel like shit and end up downing 1,200-1,400 calories. A Big Mac surprisingly only has 560 calories. Not too bad really.

So skip the fast food. If you can’t do that skip the fries. If you can’t do that skip the drink.

Rule #3 Stay Somewhat Active

The other way I keep from getting fatter than I already am right now is to try to stay somewhat active. When I was younger I would work construction in the summer and lose any weight I put on in the winter.

Now, I actually put on weight in the summer and lose it in the winter. This is simply because in the winter we don’t work much and I can get in the gym somewhat regularly.

So, what I started doing this year is try to get in the gym 1-2 days a week. So far, I have kept this up for 10 months. I do an upper body workout and a lower body workout. If I can make it in the gym at least one day, I have worked my entire upper body. If I can make it in more, I do.

Now when I start working out regularly this winter I won’t be starting from scratch. In other words I won’t be a total fat ass.

So there you have it. Three easy ways to guarantee you won’t at least become fatter than you already are. And just maybe, you might kickstart some other healthy habits other than these.

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