How I Made $10,000.00 Per Month Online In Under Six Months

I once had a website that made $10,000.00 per month. Well just under ten grand to be exact. The best month I had was $9,700.00. I had many more that were just shy of that. So sit tight and I will tell you how I did it.

I had just gotten through running a million dollar a month business into the ground. It was a once in a lifetime business that could have changed my life forever. I have friends in the same business who basically retired. But not me. I was in the shit. The bad shit.

I remember shortly after I had to close this business down when I officially realized I had hit rock bottom. I was living in Central America and had just thrown my back completely out. I was wobbling around like I had a ice pick shoved in my back, or my ass.

I was hobbling down the road trying to wave down a taxi. I was heading to the small office I had to work on some websites I had built pushing Viagra and other pharmaceuticals. I was dead broke. I had change in my pocket to pay for the cab. Change. What the hell happened? Six months earlier and I would have been driving my BMW convertible to my high rise office overlooking the mountains. How the hell did this happen?

I decided something had to change. So, I went on a cleanse (fast), changed my diet and began running with friends at the university 4-5 days a week. I started getting into shape. I dropped about 30 pounds in a little over a month. Granted, this was not that hard, as I was a fat, bloated mess when I started. Anyways, that is what happened.

At the time I was looking for a product to sell online. I was reading lots of ebooks on how to sell products online. I quickly realized these people were making money from the books, not the ideas contained within. So I decided to write an ebook.

I wrote a 40 page ebook outlining how I lost my weight and got into shape. I then put up a website and started advertising it on Google.

I started selling books almost immediately, but nothing special. But, I was building my email list. Once this list started growing, so did my sales.

When I got the list to around 20,000 subscribers I started making some real money. I started selling a printed out version and recorded an audio program which I sold for double the price of the book. Before you know it I was making close to ten grand a month.

Then my google ads started not doing as well. They changed something in their ad code and my ads started not doing as well and costing me more money. Google loves to do this as soon as you figure out how to make money with their product. In fact, I hate Google because of this. Don’t be evil my ass. This company is pure scum in my opinion.

Anyways. I don’t know. Then I got in trouble with the company running my email list. It was an opt in list and I still got shut down. I had to have everybody re opt in or some shit and lost most of my subscribers. Before long I was selling just a few things here and there and barely turning a profit after ad costs. So, I made the decision to shut it down.

In less than a year the site went from $1,000.00 a month to almost ten and then down to nothing. Oh well. Easy come, easy go I guess. Still sucked. At one point I was thinking I was going to turn it into a whole product line of self help type products. That would have been nice.

But it wasn’t in the cards I guess. A silver lining was a few years later somebody paid me $4,000.00 for the domain name.

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