The Single Biggest Momentum Killer

The single biggest momentum killer for me has been booze. I have said in the past that I would be a billionaire if I had never started drinking. It never fails. I will get a business idea and start working on it. Everything will be going really good and then I decide to imbibe just a little too much one night. The next day I do nothing. Then I postpone it ever longer. Then the weekend hits and I decide to drink beer all weekend. Pretty soon I have done absolutely nothing with this idea for weeks.

This has been going on for a long, long time. I quit smoking about 10 years ago. When I did I started eating ice cream every night. I did this for about a year. Then one night after walking over to the gas station to buy my pint of Ben and Jerry’s I thought a beer sounded better. So I got a six pack and went home and drank three of them. This has turned into an almost nightly routine since that night a decade ago.

If I can narrow down one thing, which kills my momentum with new business ideas or my current business, more than anything else it is alcohol. It is an absolute momentum crusher.

But is does not only kill your business momentum. Your weight loss or fitness goals get absolutely derailed when you drink alcohol. The next day you feel like shit. So, you eat like shit to feel better. Then the next day is lost because why not. Pretty soon you scrap the whole program and decide to start next Monday. Sound familiar?

Am I saying never drink alcohol? No. What I am saying is maybe only drink when you have a reason to. A birthday. Holidays. New years. Or celebrating a business or personal VICTORY! Then you have a reason and it won’t stifle your personal progress or momentum.

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