The Real Reason You Are Not Successful

First I want to clear the air. I am so fucking sick and tired of hearing the excuses of why a self help method or law of attraction method doesn’t work. Not from the people trying said methods, but the people pushing these bullshit methods.

Attract These…

So you are not “attracting” money and success? Oh, it must be that you don’t believe. You don’t have a mansion and Porsche? Oh, you are just focusing on the negativity right before you are about to be blessed. Or the one I like the best: you have a problem receiving. I have heard many new age bullshitters spout this one.

So how do I know so much about these bullshit excuses? Well, I have read hundreds of books and probably thousands of articles on these so called methods of “attraction” and “manifestation”. I have read pretty much every self help strategy at one point or another. At some point I was into just about every self help or new age teacher. This is how I do it. If I like someone and their message resonates with me, I buy everything they have to offer. So I am not bashing people for listening to these “teachers”, but just trying to spread some truth (which is the whole point of this blog). I want to point out the “self help” scam and point people towards business and life strategies which actually work.


Now don’t get me wrong. I think there is a little truth to all of this. The bible says you reap what you sow. True. It also says you can move mountains with your faith. Probably somewhat true. But, when it doesn’t work and you have been following it with your heart and head it can seem like complete and utter bullshit after a long enough time. I am at this time in my life. I am beginning to see through the bullshit. And it is bullshit. Not the bible mind you, but the idea that you can change your attitude and faith and everything in life will turn around. Let me explain.

Do I think that you can attract goodness into your life by thinking positive thoughts? Yes. I think if you think positive thoughts you can most certainly have better results than a negative person. But will your positive thoughts manifest things in your life like magic? No. That’s well packaged bullshit. Serendipity or the Universe or God will help those who work hard and present the “universe” with more options. In other words, if you work hard, give yourself more opportunities, you will inevitably experience a greater chance of having some things work out for you. This will seem like magic to a lifelong slacker who grew up thinking they were destined to be poor.

Now, I am not bashing faith and belief. These are strong things that can indeed move mountains. But you must do things. You must move things forward. Hang around really successful people for a while and it won’t take you long to realize why they are successful.

What Really Works…

I do work for a multi millionaire real estate developer in my town. He was once mayor and owns a huge real estate brokerage and management company. I am not on his level. I am many rungs below his level. I am a owner of a contracting company that does work for his company. But you know what? If I call him, he answers his phone. ALWAYS. He was on his was into a city council meeting one time and took my call about a small ( I mean really small ) concrete job we were doing for him. He met me on a Saturday, driving a Ferrari, about a 5-6,000 dollar job one time in his workout clothes. It didn’t take me long to realize why he was so successful. You think he sits around thinking about “manifesting” and the universe. No, he is busy making moves and building his business.

My point is this. Can this stuff help? Sure. But don’t get wrapped up thinking about it. I wasted a good many years thinking eventually this self help stuff would help me out in life. It really didn’t. I should have been focused on things like making more sales and shrinking my ever growing list of business expenses and overhead. I should have been focusing on saving money instead of spending it. I should have been reading real business strategies. Remember, most self help gurus have never done anything except sell self help strategies. If you want to read true self help material, then read the biographies of successful businessmen.


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