How To Lose Weight Without Changing Your Diet

Eat burgers and still lose weight? Maybe.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard somebody say or write that you cannot outwork a bad diet. It is pretty much common knowledge amongst virtually all fitness professionals. I am sure somewhere right now a personal trainer is telling a client this very thing. But there is only one problem.

It is complete bullshit.

You Can But Probably Won’t Outwork A Bad Diet….

The thing is this. You can outwork a bad diet but you probably won’t. That is the truth. You are reading this because you want to know how to keep eating your shitty diet and get into shape. You want to know how to look like those people in the magazines without changing one bit of your eating habits. Well, first of all those people are taking chemicals to look like that almost 100 percent of the time. Second of all, you ain’t looking like that without changing your diet.

But you can look damn good and still eat like you want. But, there is a price. You will have to work out a ton. I mean a lot. Everyday.

Try this. Go and run on the treadmill and run for 30 minutes. See how many calories you burned. Probably around 250-300. That is one large pop or soda from a gas station. So you are going to have to double that and run for an hour. Then you are going to have to do this twice a day. Then you are going to have to throw a weight workout into one of these sessions. If you do that, I almost guarantee you will start to lose weight without changing your diet.

You are probably thinking that is impossible. It isn’t impossible. There are people out there who run 20+ miles a day, almost every day of the week. So it is possible. Just not likely. Most people would do that workout once, maybe twice before quitting.

But there is an easier way.

Change Your Damn Diet…

This is why trainers tell people they cannot outwork a bad diet. Because the truth is very few people on this planet have the drive to workout hard enough to do so. I mean VERY few people. And even if you do it isn’t really sustainable.

Sooner or later after working out this much, your body will start to wear down. You will get injuries. You will get busy with life. You will get sick and tired of having to exercise so much.

So the easier way is to eat a little better AND workout. This is the magic combo and is much easier.

One time I was running on a treadmill and didn’t want to. It was a horrible run made worse by the fact that I was on a damn treadmill (I hate running indoors). I looked down and I had burned like 170 calories. Nothing. I remember thinking I could leave the cream out of my coffee in the morning and lose that many calories. (yeah I use a lot of cream.)

So think about that the next time you order a mocha choaka latte. Or drink a soda. If you drink just three sodas during the day it is equivalent to running for thirty minutes. Which is easier? Running for thirty minutes or not drinking the damn three sodas. I would way rather not drink the three sodas. Now, if you don’t drink the soda AND run the thirty you have doubled your efforts.

This is key. Try to combine both. This is the conclusion I have come to regarding working out. It might not cancel out a bad diet. But, if I am eating somewhat healthy and slip up, it could be the difference between me still losing weight and gaining weight or staying the same. Working out can make it easier to be able to have a snack or treat and not sabotaging your whole plan.

I am here to give you what works. Exercising and eating better works. Plain and simple. This is the cold hard truth. You can try to get around it. You can fight it. But in the end it is the right way. It is not the only way as I have laid out. But, it is the simplest way. Simple, but not easy. Now get to work on it.

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