How I Lost 7 Pounds in Seven Days

 I decided to quit drinking any alcohol for the month of January. People call it dry January. I call it getting my out of shape self back in shape month. Just kidding. It isn’t all for getting in shape. I need a reset. I have been drinking way too many craft beers. Towards the winter months, my two beers a night usually turns into 3-4 a night. And more on weekends. So I was due for this.

But even more than that, I need to lose weight. As of today, 14 days in I am doing fine. A little bored on the weekends watching football, but fine. If I wasn’t trying to diet at the same time it would be a damn cake walk to quit drinking. But I am dieting.

In fact, I lost 7 pounds this week. That’s right. Seven pounds in one week. The experts say its not healthy to lose that much weight so fast. You know what I say is unhealthy? Being fat.

So how did I lose the 7 pounds? Pretty simple really.

For breakfast I drink coffee with a bunch of half and half (like a quarter cup probably?). This is my go to breakfast, pretty much any day, diet or not. The cream fills me up until lunchtime which is usually around 11:00.

I drank Kum and Go Coffee every day for breakfast.

For lunch, I have been getting a Classic Roast Beef Sandwich from Arby’s and I eat it without the bun. This is about 150 calories allegedly. Not much, but hey I am trying to lose weight. It tastes good, is quick and easy and cheap.

I ate this sandwich without the bun every day for lunch.

For dinner I eat whatever we have at home for dinner. Typically some sort of protein or meat and veggies. I might have some bread or something. I had a Chic Fil A Cobb salad one night and Sushi another.I would say I am probably eating about 800 calories at dinner.

If I am absolutely starving after this I might eat some crackers or something. I just try to stick to the serving size and stay around 200 calories. I have eaten crackers with cheese or pate a few nights this week.

So the grand total of daily calories is about 1,200 calories. If I can, I skip the snack and come in under 1,000 calories. This is really low calorie. But I will tell you what, it isn’t bad after a day or two. Your body adjusts and you feel fine. Mainly I am just bored eating like this. Not starving hungry, but bored.

The other thing I noticed this week is the damn energy. Wow! I am bouncing off the walls. On a typical Sunday I will take a nap around 1 or 2 and then again at 6 after dinner. This week nothing and I had trouble falling asleep at ten.

So is this a long term solution? Absolutely not. Do I recommend it for anyone? No, not really. Other than the energy it sucks. I go to bed somewhat hungry every night. But you know what? I am fat. For the last year I have been “going to cut back” and “gonna losing some of this weight”. It hasn’t happened. Normally I can buckle down and get a grip on things and lose weight. This year it didn’t happen and drastic measures are in order. I need to see some results fast so I will get motivated. The seven pounds I dropped this week have done just that. I am going to keep this up until Superbowl Sunday and then adopt a more “healthy eating” lifestyle type diet. I am expecting a loss of 20 pounds. I will be posting results.

I must add that I have also been exercising daily. I lifted fairly heavy 3 days last week and did machine cardio (bike, treadmill, elliptical) at 20-30 minutes 5 days. My goal when I do cardio is basically to try and burn off my breakfast and lunch. I figure this way I have a little wiggle room if I get super hungry later on. It isn’t too hard to burn off breakfast and lunch when I am only taking in a couple hundred calories.

So that’s it. 7 pounds in a week. A little extreme I know. I am an all or nothing type of guy. I have to see results fast or I lose interest. It’s the same way with going to the gym. I absolutely must start eating well when I am working out so I see results faster. I cannot stand going to the gym every day and then eating my gains away.


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