No More Excuses, You Have More Power Than You Realize

I was reading an article on Yahoo earlier about an Instagram model who posted a picture of her from ten years ago. She was overweight and holding a girl up doing a kegstand. Pretty funny actually. Then there was a picture of now. Super toned, amazing body. It was a really good post actually.

This is not the girl, but I like this picture.

She laid out how in the before picture she was drinking, eating nothing but fast food, not exercising, not drinking water or sleeping right. She said she now works out, eats good 80 percent of the time, drinks a lot of water and sleeps well. Sounds like a plan for success doesn’t it? Sounds like she has her ducks in a row and is doing what needs to be done to look amazing. Kudos to her.

So I scroll down to the comments section after reading about her and couldn’t believe the excuses coming from people.

Excuse after Excuse…

Almost every single comment on the page I read, said something about how they could do the same if all they had to do is workout and take pictures of themselves. Seriously, like every single post. If I didn’t have a job, family, life and on and on and on. The excuses flowed like a river.

What the heck has happened to people. People are so worthless and lazy that they now can’t even give compliments to someone who has gotten in amazing shape. The internet has turned people into perpetual haters. And excuse makers.

Everything these people were spewing was nothing but excuses. Everybody has time to workout. Everybody. I would guess that every single person that posted some excuse watches at least two hours of TV a day. If not TV, then the internet. So you have time to read an article and then post comments about it, but not to workout. I would bet that most of them spent as much time on that article as they could have on a workout.

Don’t be like this. I have been like this. We all have. I have never posted on a website negative things about any fitness model or bodybuilder though that’s for sure. I mean seriously. Those people actually took time out of their day to post their excuses for the world to see. That is some high level excuse making right there.

This is what lazy people do.

This is what fat people do.

This is what poor people do. (within reason, obviously snowflake.)

They make excuses. They take other people down who are doing what they wish they had the strength to do.

But you do have the strength. Yes, you do.

You Have More Power Than You Realize…

You have all the strength inside of you to do everything you ever wanted to do. You just need to stop making excuses and do it.

You have the strength to get into the best shape of your life. You can start today and look like an Instagram model (or whoever) in under a year if you really wanted to. And yes, you could do so even while working 60 hours a week and raising a family. I work 60-70 hours a week for 8 months out of the year. I usually stop going to the gym during this time because I tell myself I don’t have enough time. But one year I didn’t tell myself that. I went to the gym three days a week religiously and trained for a marathon the other days of the week. This all happened while working 60-70 hours a week, doing arguably some of the hardest physical labor there is.

I would get up and go to the gym or run 4 miles, then pour concrete with one of my crews for my construction company all morning. Then I would help set up concrete pours for the next day all afternoon. I would run between 10 and 20 miles on Sunday. At one point, I was even swimming at night on top of all of this! I was also sending out bids during the afternoon and doing book work late at night.

So stop with the excuses people. Everybody is capable of this type of energy.

Stop making excuses and putting other people down. It really only drags you down. How can you accomplish what you want if you have an excuse for why you don’t look the way you want to look.

So it’s real easy. Stop making excuses, start your program of awesomeness. Again, stop making excuses, start executing your plan. Simple as that. You can start today. Not Monday or tomorrow. You can actually start this today.


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