3 Ways To Win Like Tom Brady and The Patriots


Last night Tom Brady and the New England Patriots won their conference championship and are heading to the Superbowl yet again. It was an amazing game won in overtime. Now, I am not a huge football fan. I watch the playoffs (sometimes) and the Superbowl and that’s about it.

Back in the day I hated the Patriots. Not anymore. I became a fan in the last few years just because of their winning attitude. Their “culture” of winning as people might call it nowadays. But it is true and there are valuable lessons to be learned from Bill Bellichick and Tom Brady.

You could see the winning attitude in Tom Brady’s eyes early in the game last night. He looked like a killer. You could see, in his eyes, why he is so successful. And he pulled out a win. Without a roster full of superstars, he pulled out a win. Granted he has arguable the best coach in history on his side, but still.

So what can us mere mortals trying to be successful in life learn from Bill Bellichick and Tom Brady?

Develop A Culture Of Winning…

I remember back when my business was really taking a bad turn. I remember telling a friend, I need a quick win here. Business and life are a slippery slope. If things start going bad, they can get worse real quick. Then it can turn into a death spiral of bad decisions and wishful decisions.

This is why when it got bad I told my friend I needed a win. I knew if I didn’t turn something around quick it would spiral out of control. I needed to stop the bleeding and not let a few bad events turn into a culture of losing.

A strange thing happens when things start going wrong. Your mindset changes. You start thinking about losing instead of winning. You start talking about losing and how things are going wrong. This is bad. Really bad.

This is why you need to develop a WINNING culture for your business and life. This is why I absolutely believe we need to stay in good physical shape. When you start getting out of shape and gaining weight, it is the first crack in your foundation. Pretty soon you don’t have as much energy. Then you start slacking at work or in your business. Pretty soon you aren’t making as much, so you aren’t saving the money you once did. Or you don’t have as much energy, so you don’t make the calls you should. And on and on and on.

We can keep this from happening by keeping a winning attitude about ALL things in our life. Which leads me to one of the things I always talk about.

Take Advantage of Momentum…

When things are good, you need to work it like your life depends on it. When things are going good, put the pedal to the metal and ride it out as long as you can. This is what Tom Brady has done.

He was a sixth round draft pick and a backup quarterback. Then the Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe got hurt. Brady came in and took them to the Superbowl and won.

But he didn’t stop there. He has ridden that momentum until last night when he won the conference championship. He rode it to 5 Superbowl wins. He didn’t let up and enjoy his rich, easy life. He put the pedal down. He watches what he eats all year. He works out all year. He never stops.

Because he knows.

He knows if he lets up, the momentum will stop and he will slide into mediocrity.

We can use this same sort of mindset Tom Brady has in our own life.

To do so we must:

  1. Create wins in our life. No matter how small, make sure we start winning. Do a little more each day to ensure things start going your way. Workout a little harder, eat a little less, save a little more, etc. Start the success snowball rolling in your favor.
  2. Turn the game around so we are winning consistently. Start gaining momentum. Continue doing winning things. Continue pursuing energy, fitness, money, etc.
  3. Then, work as hard as possible to maintain positive momentum. Don’t stop. EVER!

That’s it. This is the way Tom Brady has become the living legend he is today. He has maintained a winning way of life. He never stops. You can too. Best of all, you can start today. No matter how old, young, fat or lazy you are.

Start winning today. Go out and get one small win. Then let it snowball into a way of life. Then maintain your momentum, ALL YOUR LIFE! This is how you become a winner in life.

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