“I Want To Die” Why Business Money Problems Suck

Have you ever had things go so wrong in life you wanted to kill yourself? I have. Not sure if I really want to actually die. It is more like I want the situation to die. All I know is I want it to go away. I want to end this sack of sh@# life of mine. It is all my fault. I know that. I ran yet another business into the ground. After being completely debt free, cash, stocks, gold, etc. I have lost it all. All of it.

I  maxed out a $100,000.00 line of credit. Then I lost 80k on the year. Eighty f@#$ing thousand dollars on top of the credit. What a mess.

I tell you this now. I am not out of this. I am in the midst of it as we speak. I say to myself every day, I want to kill myself. Every, friggin, day! My marriage is not doing well. Because of this and other things.

But you know what? I won’t do it. I have kids that I love. I will just be miserable until I clear this thing up. I see no way out. No way over it, under it, through it. I literally CANNOT see a way out. I understand in my heart how businessmen kill themselves. I understand the wall street guys jumping out of buildings. I understand the big homebuilder in my town who shot himself in the head after getting overextended. I know. I get it. I feel this way.

But I won’t do it. I have kids. I can’t. But I want to.

I didn’t just throw a bunch of money at some crazy scheme. I tried to expand my business. I watched numbers closely. Then it rained all friggin year it seemed like. It was like a rain cloud was following me around. Long story (construction business, rain is bad, etc.)

So what does this have to do with you? You are here to hear about success methods for Christ’s sake. I know. But stick with me.

You see, I have had success. I have had a business that was making over a quarter million a month. The year I lost all that money I had one month where I made (profit, kind of,) 150k. The weather just didn’t cooperate and it was the only month like that. But I know how to make money. I also know how not to make money. I am going to show you what NOT to do in business.

It is real simple really.

Don’t lose money. 

No matter what, make money every month.

So how do you do that?

You keep expenses down to nothing. You don’t spend money. You don’t shoot for the stars because it worked out for someone else. There will always be people who risk everything and it works out perfectly and they become wealthy. You will ALWAYS hear about these people. What you won’t hear about is the millions who tried this sh#$ and lost everything. To risk everything and have it work out is a fools game. You need to be extremely lucky for this to work out. Even then, it will go to shit eventually because you will test your luck one too many damn times. And when you do, you will lose everything.

So instead, focus on MAKING money every month. If you only have a job and not a business you can follow this also. Make sure you are GAINING every month. Whether that means putting money away or paying off debt, just try to always be moving forward.

I didn’t do this and am in this predicament because of it. I now have YEARS, f@#$ing years, of work to get out of it. I will eventually. But I will never get those years back. Never.

So that’s it. The best self help, success or business advice ever. Don’t lose money. Life is not all about making tons of money. It took me getting into an absolute mess to realize this. Being debt free and gaining every month is much more healthy for your mind. Building and gaining wealth, no matter how small is much better than shooting for the stars and losing. So try your best to not lose money. Every. Damn. Month. Repeat this and you will be more successful than 99 percent of people in the world today.

Take my advice. Please.

If you got here because you want to die and searched for that online, listen. More than likely my situation is worse than yours. Just start moving forward and seeing progress. Then keep moving. This is what I am doing. Things always pass. Always.

I wish I could give you some great turnaround story, but not yet. I am working on moving forward. It is all we can do. That and be grateful for what we have. Everybody has things to be grateful for. Health, family, etc.

I started this blog to give people REAL strategies for business and life. I have read most of the self help and business books on the planet. I have listened to countless audios and been to seminars. I started this blog to shed light on how crummy the actual advice is out there. So listen to me.

Move forward, be grateful and don’t lose money. The easiest success formula in history.

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