Global Warming These Nuts

I haven’t posted anything in a while. The truth is I have nothing to write. This is the dead time here in the Midwest. The cold hasn’t broke yet and it is March 6th. What the hell?

It has been below 20 degrees for two months now. Super cold. I go out in my garage to throw the trash away and it takes me a few minutes to warm back up. I haven’t been to the gym in over a week. I have been eating like shit. Healthy food is not fun when it’s this cold. It just doesn’t taste right. But it is almost gone. I can feel it. The warmth is coming.

At one point I lived in Central America. San Jose, Costa Rica. For five years I lived there. It was pretty much 80 degrees every single day. Sure there was a rainy season. It would rain every day in the afternoon for six months straight. But it was still warm. And in the morning it was sunny. It was beautiful. I loved it. It was the happiest I have ever been in my whole life. I never took it for granted.

I would drive in my convertible to my office in the city. Warm air blowing over me. Sunshine raining down on me. I was grateful for this every day. Even when I was going broke, I was happy.

I never missed the seasons. You always here that. Oh, but I LOOOVVVEEE the seasons. I hate the damn seasons. I want warm weather. I want to drive my convertible to the office and see the mountains in the distance and have 80 degree weather every day.

But I don’t.

It was six friggin degrees when I woke up this morning. My dog doesn’t even want to go outside. A DOG!!! The snow is so hard, from being so damn cold and windy, that her legs get stuck. I have to pep talk her into breaking out of the cold, frozen snow and coming back inside.

Well, spring is coming soon. I do have that to look forward to. But every year I dislike this cold more and more. The negativity of it is endless. Why do I live Here I think. Can you believe this weather I say. Everybody is in on it at this point. I talk about it at the gas station in the morning when I get my coffee. I walk in the door shaking off the damn cold like Bob Seger and pronounce, Holy shit it’s cold out there. I sound like a pussy.

Enough already!

But the truth is we still have another month. There is a foot of snow on the ground. 6 inches expected tonight. Did I mention it is March friggin 6th! So this means going into Mid march we will have a foot and a half of snow to deal with before this mess is over.

Global warming these nuts people. It ain’t ever ending.

It is dark and cold and it is never going to get warmer.

I need Costa Rica.


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