Let Go Of The Fear

Have you ever noticed that everything on tv is designed to make you fear something? Floods. Earthquakes. Mass shootings. I mostly have quit watching the news. The other night I clicked by the mainstream nightly news. It was NBC I think, but not sure. Anyways I watched the opening montage of what was to come up on the broadcast.

In a menacing voice they went through catastrophe after catastrophe. Yuck I thought to myself and changed the channel. Why in the hell would I watch that? So I can feel like shit about myself and the world? Seriously.

I turned it off and watched a cooking show.

I have enough fear in my life. I don’t need somebody packaging a bunch of it and spoon feeding it to me.

It is the same with the supposed “racism” the news keeps pushing. All I see are stories about some racist doing something to somebody. Or some black guy sucker punching some old white guy. Yet when I get out in public, everybody seems to get along just fine. Usually it seems like people are going out of their way to NOT seem racist.

I will admit to being a bit of a conspiracy nut. But, I feel like there is an agenda being pushed here. “They” are trying to make us scared. They are trying to separate us. They are trying to get us to hate each other and look to “them” for answers. This is the only conclusion I can make out of all of this. Either that or fear just sells news stories. But that isn’t it. I mean look at how many people watch funny animal videos. People like good stuff as much or more than the fear based bullshit that everybody seems to be peddling on any mainstream news platform.

So here is my easy solution to all of this.

First, stop watching the news. Stop reading the news. It isn’t news anymore anyways. I read a front page story on foxnews.com the other day about how big OJ Simpson’s penis is. Swear to God. I pretty much decided right then and there to stop going to that site. I have already done the same with Drudge. This was on the front page. Unbelievable. So stop watching and reading news.

Second, start interacting with people and coming to your conclusions from real life experience. Television and the internet are not the real world. It is a virtual world being crafted by horrible people.

Third, realize that there is an agenda being pushed. If you watch television for 30 minutes you will see this. They are pushing Gay, anti family, anti American propaganda on every show, commercial and program. Every one. Once you look for it, it will blow your mind. But it goes much deeper than that. They are pushing multitudes of risky lifestyles. This is done on purpose.

So here is my solution. Get healthy. Read books instead of the news. Cook your own food. Interact with your neighbors and friends. Get outdoors. Begin to live a live outside of this bull virtual hellhole they seem to be pushing on us. What you see online and on television is not the real world. There is good in the world. There is greatness out there. Television, the news and a good deal of the internet just want to scare you.

There is nothing to be afraid of. We all die in the end anyways. Let go of the fear and live life.

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