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To spread the truth about the self help industry and show people what really works in life and business. Having read hundreds of books and listened to countless audio programs over two decades in the area of self improvement, I seek to sift through it and give you the few pieces of gold worth trying.

No More Excuses, You Have More Power Than You Realize

I was reading an article on Yahoo earlier about an Instagram model who posted a picture of her from ten years ago. She was overweight and holding a girl up doing a kegstand. Pretty funny actually. Then there was a picture of now. Super toned, amazing body. It was a really good post actually.

This is not the girl, but I like this picture.

She laid out how in the before picture she was drinking, eating nothing but fast food, not exercising, not drinking water or sleeping right. She said she now works out, eats good 80 percent of the time, drinks a lot of water and sleeps well. Sounds like a plan for success doesn’t it? Sounds like she has her ducks in a row and is doing what needs to be done to look amazing. Kudos to her.

So I scroll down to the comments section after reading about her and couldn’t believe the excuses coming from people.

Excuse after Excuse…

Almost every single comment on the page I read, said something about how they could do the same if all they had to do is workout and take pictures of themselves. Seriously, like every single post. If I didn’t have a job, family, life and on and on and on. The excuses flowed like a river.

What the heck has happened to people. People are so worthless and lazy that they now can’t even give compliments to someone who has gotten in amazing shape. The internet has turned people into perpetual haters. And excuse makers.

Everything these people were spewing was nothing but excuses. Everybody has time to workout. Everybody. I would guess that every single person that posted some excuse watches at least two hours of TV a day. If not TV, then the internet. So you have time to read an article and then post comments about it, but not to workout. I would bet that most of them spent as much time on that article as they could have on a workout.

Don’t be like this. I have been like this. We all have. I have never posted on a website negative things about any fitness model or bodybuilder though that’s for sure. I mean seriously. Those people actually took time out of their day to post their excuses for the world to see. That is some high level excuse making right there.

This is what lazy people do.

This is what fat people do.

This is what poor people do. (within reason, obviously snowflake.)

They make excuses. They take other people down who are doing what they wish they had the strength to do.

But you do have the strength. Yes, you do.

You Have More Power Than You Realize…

You have all the strength inside of you to do everything you ever wanted to do. You just need to stop making excuses and do it.

You have the strength to get into the best shape of your life. You can start today and look like an Instagram model (or whoever) in under a year if you really wanted to. And yes, you could do so even while working 60 hours a week and raising a family. I work 60-70 hours a week for 8 months out of the year. I usually stop going to the gym during this time because I tell myself I don’t have enough time. But one year I didn’t tell myself that. I went to the gym three days a week religiously and trained for a marathon the other days of the week. This all happened while working 60-70 hours a week, doing arguably some of the hardest physical labor there is.

I would get up and go to the gym or run 4 miles, then pour concrete with one of my crews for my construction company all morning. Then I would help set up concrete pours for the next day all afternoon. I would run between 10 and 20 miles on Sunday. At one point, I was even swimming at night on top of all of this! I was also sending out bids during the afternoon and doing book work late at night.

So stop with the excuses people. Everybody is capable of this type of energy.

Stop making excuses and putting other people down. It really only drags you down. How can you accomplish what you want if you have an excuse for why you don’t look the way you want to look.

So it’s real easy. Stop making excuses, start your program of awesomeness. Again, stop making excuses, start executing your plan. Simple as that. You can start today. Not Monday or tomorrow. You can actually start this today.


How I Lost 7 Pounds in Seven Days

 I decided to quit drinking any alcohol for the month of January. People call it dry January. I call it getting my out of shape self back in shape month. Just kidding. It isn’t all for getting in shape. I need a reset. I have been drinking way too many craft beers. Towards the winter months, my two beers a night usually turns into 3-4 a night. And more on weekends. So I was due for this.

But even more than that, I need to lose weight. As of today, 14 days in I am doing fine. A little bored on the weekends watching football, but fine. If I wasn’t trying to diet at the same time it would be a damn cake walk to quit drinking. But I am dieting.

In fact, I lost 7 pounds this week. That’s right. Seven pounds in one week. The experts say its not healthy to lose that much weight so fast. You know what I say is unhealthy? Being fat.

So how did I lose the 7 pounds? Pretty simple really.

For breakfast I drink coffee with a bunch of half and half (like a quarter cup probably?). This is my go to breakfast, pretty much any day, diet or not. The cream fills me up until lunchtime which is usually around 11:00.

I drank Kum and Go Coffee every day for breakfast.

For lunch, I have been getting a Classic Roast Beef Sandwich from Arby’s and I eat it without the bun. This is about 150 calories allegedly. Not much, but hey I am trying to lose weight. It tastes good, is quick and easy and cheap.

I ate this sandwich without the bun every day for lunch.

For dinner I eat whatever we have at home for dinner. Typically some sort of protein or meat and veggies. I might have some bread or something. I had a Chic Fil A Cobb salad one night and Sushi another.I would say I am probably eating about 800 calories at dinner.

If I am absolutely starving after this I might eat some crackers or something. I just try to stick to the serving size and stay around 200 calories. I have eaten crackers with cheese or pate a few nights this week.

So the grand total of daily calories is about 1,200 calories. If I can, I skip the snack and come in under 1,000 calories. This is really low calorie. But I will tell you what, it isn’t bad after a day or two. Your body adjusts and you feel fine. Mainly I am just bored eating like this. Not starving hungry, but bored.

The other thing I noticed this week is the damn energy. Wow! I am bouncing off the walls. On a typical Sunday I will take a nap around 1 or 2 and then again at 6 after dinner. This week nothing and I had trouble falling asleep at ten.

So is this a long term solution? Absolutely not. Do I recommend it for anyone? No, not really. Other than the energy it sucks. I go to bed somewhat hungry every night. But you know what? I am fat. For the last year I have been “going to cut back” and “gonna losing some of this weight”. It hasn’t happened. Normally I can buckle down and get a grip on things and lose weight. This year it didn’t happen and drastic measures are in order. I need to see some results fast so I will get motivated. The seven pounds I dropped this week have done just that. I am going to keep this up until Superbowl Sunday and then adopt a more “healthy eating” lifestyle type diet. I am expecting a loss of 20 pounds. I will be posting results.

I must add that I have also been exercising daily. I lifted fairly heavy 3 days last week and did machine cardio (bike, treadmill, elliptical) at 20-30 minutes 5 days. My goal when I do cardio is basically to try and burn off my breakfast and lunch. I figure this way I have a little wiggle room if I get super hungry later on. It isn’t too hard to burn off breakfast and lunch when I am only taking in a couple hundred calories.

So that’s it. 7 pounds in a week. A little extreme I know. I am an all or nothing type of guy. I have to see results fast or I lose interest. It’s the same way with going to the gym. I absolutely must start eating well when I am working out so I see results faster. I cannot stand going to the gym every day and then eating my gains away.


5 Ways To Change Your Life

Not as fancy as Tony Robbin’s advice, but it works. It works every time!

I started this blog because I wanted to give people some actual self help techniques which would improve their lives. I wanted to make people more financial successful, in better shape and happier. I started this site because I believe the self help industry is mostly full of a bunch of bullshit that simply doesn’t work or only works when you are not facing real challenges or hardships.

So the focus of this article is to give you a few things which I wish I would have followed starting back in my 20’s. Had I done so I would be in much better shape financially and spiritually. These are real life things which are not mind blowing by any means. They are simply the things people should be doing in order to be successful.

Like all things of this nature, they are not fancy. They are not magical. They are practical. I used to subscribe to a marketing newsletter by a guy names Dan Kennedy. He is a legend in copywriting and internet marketing circles. He said people were always more interested in “hype” type methods than actual practical business advice.(think the secret, visualizing, law of attraction, etc.) What he meant was people are always looking for some new shiny piece of advice they haven’t heard before. Something magical that is going to fix all their problems. I am no exception to this. I will read article after article on the internet about “how” to fix my problem instead of working on actually fixing the damn problem.

This, of course, is just human nature. A lot of the time we feel like we have already tried everything and have already been working really hard on a problem. So we go out in search of the magical answer to our problem.

But some things just aren’t meant to be. They won’t happen no matter how hard you try. I wish I knew why some people are successful over and over and never have adversity. I wish I knew. But I don’t.

The only thing I really believe in is momentum when it comes to success. If things are going your way then work as hard as possible for as long as possible. Typical we tend to do the exact opposite. When times are good and momentum is going our way, we tend to relax and think it is always going to be this way. Then, when things inevitably go bad, we tend to work really hard and bang our heads against the wall. We should work really hard when things are good and just work and wait out the bad when it goes bad. And it will go bad. It always does.

Here are the success or “self help” techniques I wish I would have followed in my life so far.

  1. Stay out of debt. When you are not worrying about money, you can worry about GROWING your business and life. If you are constantly behind on bills you will be stuck in maintenance mode. 
  2. When times are good, work your ass off until it turns. It will turn, no matter how good it looks now. 
  3. When times are bad, buckle down, cut expenses and wait it out. Again, the tide will eventually turn. 
  4. Work when you work. Work as if you were leaving town tomorrow. 
  5. Exercise every day and try to stay in shape and avoid drugs and alcohol as much as possible.

There you go. Not very shiny I know. Simple advice that works.

How To Lose Weight Without Changing Your Diet

Eat burgers and still lose weight? Maybe.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard somebody say or write that you cannot outwork a bad diet. It is pretty much common knowledge amongst virtually all fitness professionals. I am sure somewhere right now a personal trainer is telling a client this very thing. But there is only one problem.

It is complete bullshit.

You Can But Probably Won’t Outwork A Bad Diet….

The thing is this. You can outwork a bad diet but you probably won’t. That is the truth. You are reading this because you want to know how to keep eating your shitty diet and get into shape. You want to know how to look like those people in the magazines without changing one bit of your eating habits. Well, first of all those people are taking chemicals to look like that almost 100 percent of the time. Second of all, you ain’t looking like that without changing your diet.

But you can look damn good and still eat like you want. But, there is a price. You will have to work out a ton. I mean a lot. Everyday.

Try this. Go and run on the treadmill and run for 30 minutes. See how many calories you burned. Probably around 250-300. That is one large pop or soda from a gas station. So you are going to have to double that and run for an hour. Then you are going to have to do this twice a day. Then you are going to have to throw a weight workout into one of these sessions. If you do that, I almost guarantee you will start to lose weight without changing your diet.

You are probably thinking that is impossible. It isn’t impossible. There are people out there who run 20+ miles a day, almost every day of the week. So it is possible. Just not likely. Most people would do that workout once, maybe twice before quitting.

But there is an easier way.

Change Your Damn Diet…

This is why trainers tell people they cannot outwork a bad diet. Because the truth is very few people on this planet have the drive to workout hard enough to do so. I mean VERY few people. And even if you do it isn’t really sustainable.

Sooner or later after working out this much, your body will start to wear down. You will get injuries. You will get busy with life. You will get sick and tired of having to exercise so much.

So the easier way is to eat a little better AND workout. This is the magic combo and is much easier.

One time I was running on a treadmill and didn’t want to. It was a horrible run made worse by the fact that I was on a damn treadmill (I hate running indoors). I looked down and I had burned like 170 calories. Nothing. I remember thinking I could leave the cream out of my coffee in the morning and lose that many calories. (yeah I use a lot of cream.)

So think about that the next time you order a mocha choaka latte. Or drink a soda. If you drink just three sodas during the day it is equivalent to running for thirty minutes. Which is easier? Running for thirty minutes or not drinking the damn three sodas. I would way rather not drink the three sodas. Now, if you don’t drink the soda AND run the thirty you have doubled your efforts.

This is key. Try to combine both. This is the conclusion I have come to regarding working out. It might not cancel out a bad diet. But, if I am eating somewhat healthy and slip up, it could be the difference between me still losing weight and gaining weight or staying the same. Working out can make it easier to be able to have a snack or treat and not sabotaging your whole plan.

I am here to give you what works. Exercising and eating better works. Plain and simple. This is the cold hard truth. You can try to get around it. You can fight it. But in the end it is the right way. It is not the only way as I have laid out. But, it is the simplest way. Simple, but not easy. Now get to work on it.

The Only Way To Really Lose Weight Fast

There are really only two ways to lose weight. There are countless variations of these two ways, but still only really two. I will get to these shortly.

But first, let me tell you my story. I have tried and used countless diets over the years. I am what you would call a yo-yo dieter. I lose weight and feel as if I am going to keep it off forever. This is a strange phenomenon. Every time I lose weight I think that I will never go back to old habits. Yet I do. Every time!

Here are just a few of the diets I have lost weight on:

Steak and eggs diet- nothing but steak and eggs.

Low Carb Diet- meat and veggies diet.

Food Combining- Eating only carbs together or only protein together. Never shall the two meet. I actually wrote a book about this and at one point was making 10k a month selling it. I will post about this soon.

Chinese food diet- I shit you not. I ate nothing but Chinese food for a month or so and lost weight. I ordered “healthy” and was running quite a bit, but it worked.

Lose weight eating Chinese food? I will post about it someday.

Calorie Restriction- log your food and stay under a certain amount of calories. This sucks, but it works.

One meal a day diet- one meal, whatever you want. Not as easy as it sounds.

This is just a short list. I have also done most of the “name” diets. South Beach. Atkins. Fit For Life. The Abs Diet. Cybertrim from Cybergenics back in the nineties. Lots and lots of diets.

Blast from the past.

They all work to some degree. The reason is this.

There Are Really Only Two Ways To Lose Weight. 

After trying almost every diet on the planet there is one thing I can say unequivocally. There are really only two ways to lose weight.

There are countless variations of these two ways as with everything. But in the end, only two ways.

Limit Your Carbohydrates

Get your carbohydrates low enough and your body will go into ketosis. This means your body will start burning fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates.

Along with getting your body to burn fat, it has another added benefit. It stabilizes your blood sugar. You know that super ravenously hungry feeling you get sometimes? That is when your blood sugar gets too low. It usually happens after eating something sugary or refined. These types of foods tend to cause a spike in blood sugar and then a subsequent crash. When it crashes you get super hungry. Eliminating or drastically lowering your carbs, keeps this from happening.

So what happens after a week or so is you start to naturally do the other thing which helps you lose weight.

Limit Your Calories

Yes, after a while eating low carb you tend to get satisfied with lesser food. This happens rather quickly once you stabilize your blood sugar. This is the second way to lose weight. Limit your calories. At the end of the day, this is what ALL diets really do anyways. You start working out and eating a certain way and you lose weight. 99.9 percent of the time it is only for the simple fact that you are burning more than you are taking in. It isn’t because of some special way of eating or timing.

This is really quite easy to do nowadays. Almost all restaurants have calories listed on the menu. Also, there are man food logging apps which have most foods already listed and you just search for your meal and log it.

But if you really want to speed up the weight loss, you will need one more component.


Not what anybody wants to hear, but unless you want to starve yourself you need to move.

That’s right. When you exercise for 20-40 minutes a day it really ups your chances of seeing success. If you burn 400 calories on the treadmill, it makes that late night slip up a little less sabotaging. Sometimes those calories you burned can be the difference between staying in your caloric deficit or going over it.

Like I say, simple but not easy. Stay tuned for more articles as I start my own weight loss cut for the year. I have already started running and will be posting some progress soon. The posts will get longer as well. I have a lot on my plate right now.

Goodbye 2018 And Good Riddance, Make Green in 2019

2018 was probably one of the worst years of my life as far as finances go. In 2017 I decided to go all in on a different strategy for my construction business. It was a disaster plagued by rain, projects bid too low and the ever presence of Murphy’s stupid fucking law. 2018 was a continuation of that and more. The fucking wheels came right the fuck off. Man, what a shit show.

Anyways. This is a success blog. Nobody wants to hear about my troubles. I should be showing you pictures of my cars or something. Or my rented house that I pretend to own. Well, here you go.


Redneck ballin’ right there. That truck makes me sick. Every time I drive it I think of how shitty my year was and how I should be driving something which costs half as much. I did the same thing when I lived in Central America and was driving a BMW convertible. I always wanted a BMW and I had it. When things went bad I hated driving that car. It made me ill. I finally sold it.

Anyways. This year sucked. I cancelled our family vacation because of work. I cancelled my spring and fall walleye fishing trips because of work. I cancelled my life. I ate too much. I drank too much. I stressed too much.

Normally I look forward to Christmas. We are usually winding down our year and all my money starts rolling in. I go to some Christmas plays, Mannheim Steamroller and enjoy Christmas Eve at my church listening to Christmas carols. Not this year. As I watched the band at church on Christmas eve, I was thinking of how I was going to come up with a payment to one of my suppliers. I just didn’t know how it was possible and where this money was going to come from. It ruined my Christmas. Worst Christmas of my life. Hands down.

But you know what happened?

A bunch of checks came in. Some that I had no intention of seeing for at least a month. I was able to make my payment. I let it ruin my Christmas for nothing. All that worry for nothing. What a little bitch. I should have just tried to enjoy what I do have during this holiday season. I have a great family. Great wife. Great kids. We are all healthy. I should have focused on that. But I didn’t. I never do. Not when things are going shitty like this.

Worst year of my life. Good riddance.

I would love to tell you how everything is fine now. It ain’t.

I would love to tell you that if you have faith everything works out. Not yet. I will be sluggin this out for a while. I have a river of shit to swim through. I am too old and wise to know better. I wish I didn’t know, but I do. I know how much work I have ahead of me and the thought alone exhausts me.

But. This year is over. A new one is going to start. And I, for one, am ready and excited for the new year.

I am excited about turning things around. I am excited about losing weight and getting my fat ass back in shape. I am excited about this blog and some products I am going to be developing for it.

I am excited and ready for 2019. I am ready for what the future may bring. Who knows. It just might be the BEST year of my life. I am still here. I am still breathing. I know that I can handle pressure better than I thought. I didn’t melt down under the pressure. I fought and am still fighting. The end may be near, but it ain’t fucking here yet.

So to all of you out there. Make 2019 grand. It’s gonna be a hell of a year. My motto for the year is to Make green in 2019. Turn this ship around and make it better, stronger and more resilient.

Use This Trick To Get More Done In Less Time

Get More Done In Less Time.

The key to getting more done is easier said than done. All you really need to do is stop wasting time. If I am working in my office and not in the field, I would say I waste 3-4 hours a day surfing the net. And the crazy thing is I am usually reading about how to be more successful and get more done. Crazy! That is seriously crazy.

I believe it was Zig Ziglar who talked about working like you are going out of town. The day before I leave town for vacation, I get ten times the productivity out of myself. It is because I can’t put it off. I can’t say I am going to do it tomorrow because I won’t fucking be here tomorrow. So I get all my shit done. Every time, I get all my shit done. This never happens on a regular day. Ever! I always put something off until the next day.

Every time I do this, it amazes me. Every time, I think, why don’t I always work like this?Imagine if you worked like this every single day. At the end of the year, you would have done five years worth of work or more. I imagine this is how super driven, high achiever types work. I have a friend who barely works at all and makes a ton of money. Like high 6 figure money. Close to 7 figures. When he works, he works. He is super efficient and an excellent delegator. I strive to be more like this.

How can we trick ourselves into working more like this? Well, I have been thinking about it. The easiest answer is make a list and check off all your items until they are done. Don’t stop. Do this every day and always finish your list.

Work When You Work…

But we need more than this. What we need to do is make sure we work when we work. Always answer your phone. Always return emails and calls because there is no tomorrow. Delegate that which can be delegated. Always. Every day! This is the path to efficient productivity.

This is the reason why motivational speakers like Tony Robbins have such an impact on some people. For some people, nobody has ever told them they can wake up in the morning and be full of energy, life and go out and get what they want.

So the next day they wake up early, go to work and crush it all day. They are amazed. They start to realize their potential. They start to motivate themselves. They start to see results. Then the motivation begins to wear off. Then they look to motivational speakers to give them “techniques” to get them motivated again. But this time, it doesn’t work as well. This is the self help cycle.

This is why a “success routine” is important. A routine of getting and staying in shape, reading and learning and being productive. The routine can keep you out of a slump and moving forward. A routine can make sure you work when you work.

So, make a list. Do everything on the list until it is done. Answer your calls and emails. Work is for work. Then go home and be content with the fact that you did all you could do today.


How To Lose 30 Pounds Eating Steak and Eggs

I once lost 30 pound eating only steak and eggs. No kidding. I also would make pudding with half and half and protein powder. Besides that, I ate nothing but steak and eggs for a couple months. And I lost 30 pounds I had put on during the winter. The thought was I was building muscle and when I cut down it would all show. I figured out this doesn’t work very well unless you are taking chemicals (steroids, etc.).

I got the idea for the steak and eggs diet out of an old bodybuilding book called Unleashing The Wild Physique. It was written by a guy named Vince Gironda. Vince had a gym in California where he trained bodybuilders and movie stars. It was called Vince’s gym and was as famous as Gold’s Gym back in the day.

Unleashing The Wild Physique

In the book he called it the meat only diet if I remember correctly. My wife threw the book out for some reason and now they are worth hundreds of dollars as it is out of print. It was basically just meat (any meat), eggs and water. He was also a big fan of liver tablets but that is another story.

I did this diet in the spring, after bulking most of the winter. I had been reading a lot of bodybuilding articles and it sounded like a good idea. I was trying to put on muscle. I did get incredibly stronger when I was heavier but it wasn’t worth it. I think I would have been better just eating the steak and eggs from the get go.

So here is what I did. The local supermarket here in town which is now Kroger would have ribeye steaks on sale for 5 bucks. So, I would buy 3 or 4 of those and cook them up two or three at a time. I would eat one for dinner and slice the rest up into bite sized pieces. Then I would fry eggs in a pan so they were over easy or over medium.

Then I would put the bite size pieces of steak and the eggs into a large plastic container. I would bring these to work with me the next day and just eat an egg or two and some steak whenever I got hungry. For a snack I would eat protein powder mixed with cream or half and half.

When I started this diet, I thought no way this can work. How can I eat steak every day and lose weight? Then the weight started falling off. I would guess I got into the best shape of my life, not counting when I trained for and ran my marathon. The thing is though, I didn’t need to do so much cardio. I didn’t get in six pack shape, but I was lean and muscular.

The funny thing about eating almost zero carbs is that after a few days you aren’t even hungry. Your blood sugar stabilizes and you never get that ravenous hunger. Even if you skip a meal and don’t eat for a long time, you never experience those really strong hunger pangs.

When you eat carbs, your blood sugar spikes. Then when it drops down, you get really hungry. Most of us are perpetually in this cycle. When you cut out the carbohydrate, this never happens. The cycle is broken.

Your body starts burning fat instead of sugar and your energy levels out. The energy is real consistent. You never get that blast of energy like you do from sugar, but you also never get the crash afterwards.

It really is a great way to eat. My only problem with this diet, is I don’t find it sustainable. I can do it for an extended time, but I don’t think I could ever do it for the rest of my life. It just isn’t very satisfying. Certainly not as satisfying as say a baguette with butter smeared on it. Or a bowl of spaghetti carbonara. Some people (like my wife) can eat low carb consistently. I, it turns out, cannot. I just like food too much. I would rather do more cardio to be honest.

So that is the steak and eggs diet. It definitely works for weight loss. It definitely works for energy. It is a great tool for getting in shape. Give it a try. It might be just what you are looking for. And you get to eat ribeye steaks all day!

The Two Things You Need To Discover Your Mission

Self help  gurus love to inspire you with magical ways to get what you want in life. At one time I bought into a lot of these ideas. Virtually none of them ever panned out for anything with the exception of one.


In order to accomplish anything you want in life you must have a vision. A vision of exactly how you are going to accomplish what you set out to accomplish. This vision is a clear, defined idea of what you want your life to look like once you have accomplished a goal. It can be a business, personal or financial vision.

This is a must. Every single successful person I have ever met or read about had a clear vision of what they wanted to do. They could see it long before anybody else believed in them. There is almost always a visionary leader behind any great company or fortune. Warren Buffett. Bill Gates. Steve Jobs. Ray Croc. Ted Turner. All of these guys had a clear vision well before it matured into the success you see today. They believed in their vision.

When I was in my early twenties, I had an idea. I was working as a foreman at my fathers company and wanted desperately to start a real “business”. A business which didn’t involve me being dirty at the end of the day. A business that involved sales and marketing and putting deals together. I had a vision of this in my head. I wasn’t sure what type of business or how I was going to start it. I just had the vision.

One day I read an article in GQ (it wasn’t the garbage it is today) about some guys who went down to Central America and started an offshore bookmaking operation. They started as a phone operation. By now, it was the late nineties and the internet had taken off. So by this time online sportbooks and casinos were beginning to pop up in the Caribbean and Central America. I now had my vision. I wanted in. I wanted to be like these guys in the article.

To make a real long story short: I put some money together, moved to Central America and opened up a marketing company. Just like that. Within a year I had met the guys in this article and I was making over a quarter million dollars a month. A month!

This is the power of a vision. I had no idea how I was going to start a company. I didn’t even know what kind of company I wanted to start. All I had was a vision. This vision allowed me to do something that still amazes me to this day.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves here. Before the vision can work you must do something else.

A Decision…

Before any of this happens you must make a decision. You absolutely must have already decided not only what you want, but that you are going to get it. You must decide. In my case I decided I was going to start a new company. I knew what kind of company I wanted and when the opportunity arose, I took it. I took it because I had already made the decision that I was going to do this some day.

You must make a decision to do whatever it takes to make this vision a reality. You must decide that you want to do something.

This is my formula.


  1. Make a decision to get or have something you want in life. This can be money, fitness, health, women, whatever. Decide that this is what your main goal is right now in life. Decide right now that you are going to do whatever it takes to get to this goal.
  2. Create a vision of what your life or business will look like once you attain the things you decided to attain. Then work towards making this a reality.

This is your mission. You have decided what you wanted and created a vision of how you are going to get it. This is your life mission right now.

In my opinion, this is the only “self help” you ever need. Use this formula to get what you want over and over. Whenever I have not had a clear vision, I have faltered. My current offline business is suffering right now because I didn’t believe in my vision. This blog is now my mission and I have a clear vision of what I want to do with it. I want to help as many people as possible with their business and lives. I want to give people real strategies that work. I also want to share what is bullshit and has never worked for me. This is my mission with this blog.

Make a decision. A real damn decision to get something you have always wanted. Then create a vision of how you are going to attain this something. Now you have discovered your mission. Now you have something to work on every day until it becomes a reality. If you do this, you will be successful. You cannot fail. It will take longer than you think probably. But, it will work if you work on it every day.

This Is The Diet I Used To Lose 40 Pounds in A Few Months

So you want to lose weight? You must because you clicked on this article. You are in luck. This is the easiest diet in the world. It packs and travels well. You will need to prepare a lunch, but that is about it. I started this blog to help people get in shape and be successful in business and life. I am not always in shape or successful, but this diet worked.

This is the diet I used to lose about 40 pounds in a few months. I also was training for a marathon during this time, so it wasn’t entirely due to this diet. I was running four miles on Tuesday and Thursday, and 6-10ish miles on Sunday. Sometimes I would run Saturday as well for four miles. So I was running well over 20 miles per week. I was also working (construction) and started to swim a few nights a week as well. So, I was expending a lot of calories and not taking in very many.

I always like reading about peoples workouts and diet when they are in shape themselves. Well, here is a picture of me five months after eating and running like this.

The diet looked like this:

I would usually skip breakfast and have a coffee with a ton of half and half in it (about a quarter cup). This is a habit I have until this day. If I put the fat in there I don’t get hungry until around ten or eleven.

For lunch I would have a peanut or almond butter sandwich with honey. Sometimes I would have deli turkey with mayo or hummus. The bread I ate exclusively was Ezekiel bread. This stuff is organic and has a good deal of fiber in it. It takes some getting used to as it is very dense and grainy. It was the healthiest bread I could find within my criteria. I was looking for an organic bread with a good deal of fiber and low in sugar. Ezekiel bread fit the bill.

Ezekiel bread made by Food For Life. I ate this stuff every day and lost 40 pounds.

For dinner I would take whatever meat my wife made for dinner and make tacos with it. I would heat up refried beans and smear it on corn tortillas and put the meat on top of that. It was typically chicken or roast, sometimes fish. Then I would add avocado and salsa or hot sauce. If I didn’t eat this, it was usually just meat and veggies.

For snacks, I would usually eat a piece of fruit everyday and some Kashi granola bars. If I was really hungry at night, I would eat a little grape nuts cereal with milk.

Basically, it was a low sugar, high fiber diet. I concentrated on whole grains and getting a good bang for my buck. My thought process was that if I prepared my own food, I could eat a good amount of food and still keep my calories low. I also ate zero fast food. I was drinking 2-4 craft beers almost every night. I am guessing the running allowed me to do this. If I wasn’t doing so much cardio, I would have had to cut out the beer to see results with this diet.

That is it. Simple and easy. I always say my goal with this blog is to give people stuff that works. This diet works. I know it is grain heavy, but it is really healthy. I felt amazing eating like this. Best of all, it doesn’t involve eliminating bread (which I love).

Remember. All you have to do is make a decision to do something. Decide right now to try this diet if you want. Then visualize the way you want to look and make it happen. Make it your mission. Decision+Vision=Mission.