Use This Trick To Get More Done In Less Time

Get More Done In Less Time.

The key to getting more done is easier said than done. All you really need to do is stop wasting time. If I am working in my office and not in the field, I would say I waste 3-4 hours a day surfing the net. And the crazy thing is I am usually reading about how to be more successful and get more done. Crazy! That is seriously crazy.

I believe it was Zig Ziglar who talked about working like you are going out of town. The day before I leave town for vacation, I get ten times the productivity out of myself. It is because I can’t put it off. I can’t say I am going to do it tomorrow because I won’t fucking be here tomorrow. So I get all my shit done. Every time, I get all my shit done. This never happens on a regular day. Ever! I always put something off until the next day.

Every time I do this, it amazes me. Every time, I think, why don’t I always work like this?Imagine if you worked like this every single day. At the end of the year, you would have done five years worth of work or more. I imagine this is how super driven, high achiever types work. I have a friend who barely works at all and makes a ton of money. Like high 6 figure money. Close to 7 figures. When he works, he works. He is super efficient and an excellent delegator. I strive to be more like this.

How can we trick ourselves into working more like this? Well, I have been thinking about it. The easiest answer is make a list and check off all your items until they are done. Don’t stop. Do this every day and always finish your list.

Work When You Work…

But we need more than this. What we need to do is make sure we work when we work. Always answer your phone. Always return emails and calls because there is no tomorrow. Delegate that which can be delegated. Always. Every day! This is the path to efficient productivity.

This is the reason why motivational speakers like Tony Robbins have such an impact on some people. For some people, nobody has ever told them they can wake up in the morning and be full of energy, life and go out and get what they want.

So the next day they wake up early, go to work and crush it all day. They are amazed. They start to realize their potential. They start to motivate themselves. They start to see results. Then the motivation begins to wear off. Then they look to motivational speakers to give them “techniques” to get them motivated again. But this time, it doesn’t work as well. This is the self help cycle.

This is why a “success routine” is important. A routine of getting and staying in shape, reading and learning and being productive. The routine can keep you out of a slump and moving forward. A routine can make sure you work when you work.

So, make a list. Do everything on the list until it is done. Answer your calls and emails. Work is for work. Then go home and be content with the fact that you did all you could do today.