The One Thing You Absolutely Need To Achieve Your Dreams

It was about six years ago. I was 36 years old. I was about 200 pounds and not in shape at all. I got winded doing the easiest things. I was drinking a six pack or more every night of the week. Business was horrible. My attitude was horrendous.

Then I started having these irregular heartbeats. It felt like my heart was flopping around in my chest. It got to where it was happening most of the day. I would wake up in the middle of the night with my heart racing and me thinking I was having a heart attack.

I went and saw a cardiologist. First he reassured me. Told me I have a feeling you drink a lot of alcohol. I did. Then he ordered a stress test. The stress test came back and they said they wanted to do a catheter up my vein and see my arteries. They said there was a 95% chance of a blockage. The lady kept repeating the 95%. So much so that I felt like she was trying to sell me on a surgery. So much so that I got a second opinion.

Turns out it wasn’t a blockage after all. But it did scare the shit out of me.

So much so that I changed my diet and started running. I lost 40 pounds in a couple months. I ran a marathon 6 months later. I ran a 50k a week after that. I had a six pack.

I remember when I told my neighbor that I was thinking about running a 50k after my marathon. I figured it took me six months to get in shape, I might as well knock out another marathon. The only race that was close was a 50k, so I ran that instead. That is 31 miles in case you didn’t know. When I told him, he said good idea because you never know if you will ever be this motivated again. He was right.

At the time I thought I would be running for the rest of my life. But then I had injuries. Then I figured out some food additives that were giving me the heart beat problem. Fast forward to today and I haven’t ran in quite some time.

So, how was I able to accomplish these goals that would have seemed ridiculous less than a year earlier. I mean a six pack? Marathon? Ultra Marathon? In less than six months? Seems outrageous. But I did it. It is because of one thing…


I had leverage on my self. I had something that pushed me into these accomplishments. Looking back it was somewhat effortless. The training was hard and took some discipline. But overall, I had no problems. I have always had problems with self discipline then and now. But for that year I had no problems. I thought about doing something and did it.

So how can we use this knowledge to propel us into accomplishing our life and business goals? Well, this is where it gets a little tricky. Me thinking I was going to have a heart attack and die, is much stronger than anything I can ever concoct in my mind.

Is there any way we can repeat this “fear” and use it to push us towards our goals?

I believe there is. Nothing will work quite as well as a real life health scare or something like that. But this will get close.

The Fear…

First, you must identify the fear which is keeping you from achieving your goal. This can be a group of fears. In my case my fear was having a heart attack. Your fear might be that you will lose your house or kids or wife or girlfriend. It might be that you will never be successful. It might be that you are going to go broke. It might be that if you don’t get into shape you won’t be around much longer. Whatever these fears are, embrace them. Right them down

Now, decide to take actions to alleviate that fear. Make a list of two or three actions which you can do daily which will move you towards the exact opposite of your fear (this is your goal or what you are trying to accomplish.) Then do those 2 or 3 things every day until your goal is reached. This is it. This is how lives are changed. It happens all the time. When somebody finally reaches their breaking point, they lose the weight. When someone has fear so bad they just can’t take it anymore, they do something about it. All you are doing is consciously making decisions to do this.

The point of this blog and my writings are to simplify “self help” techniques and give you things that work. This works. Try it for yourself. I could go on and on about magic ways to make you successful. I could fill this blog will page after page of “motivation”. But the truth is, you don’t need it. When you finally reach your breaking point and get something done in your life, it is usually incredibly simple. You decide to do something and you do it. Sometimes this can shock the system and turn you into a huge success.

The Real Reason Self Help Programs Aren’t Making You A Success

15 or so years ago I ordered my first self help audio program. It was Tony Robbins Personal Power 2. I finished the entire program. It helped. I got into better shape. I figured out a solution for one of my businesses and was overall much more motivated than before. Suddenly I was in the office at 6:00 am every morning. Employees and other business owners in my building commented on it. Things were rolling.

Then the habits I created with this program started to slowly disappear. I quit working out every morning. I started to not be so motivated and pretty soon I had lost the drive I gained during the program. So I decided to try the program again. But it wasn’t new this time. It wasn’t as good. I remember all this stuff I thought. Even when I did the exercises, I didn’t get the same greatness from it. So I ordered another tape program by Earl Nightingale. Different delivery but a great program. Motivated me a little bit but nothing like the first time I went through the Robbins program. Fast forward to now, today.

I have spent the last 15 years reading and listening to self help or motivational material. I have spent countless hours reading. I have watched thousands of videos and seminars and read hundreds of books on the subject. Whether this was productive or not is debatable at this point. I am not living on the beach, working in my dream business. In fact, I am rebuilding a business, in an area I actually hate very much.

In short, what happened is I became a self help junkie. I became more interested in the next thing, instead of what works. If something works you should keep working it. You should not look for a thing that is better. But this is what I have done over and over. It is probably what you do. Everybody does it. This is partially why I started this blog. I knew it would be successful. Why? Because people would rather read about some new trick to make them successful than do the actual work which they know they should be doing. The internet has made this even easier to do. You can get lost for hours and read new insight from somebody, every minute of every day.

I also started this blog to weed through the bs and give people the only things which actually work and will help you improve your life. I have narrowed this down to a few things and that is my message. I am here to give you the few things which really work.

To be fair to Tony Robbins, his program did work. I saw tremendous value from it. Had I been able to turn around my failing business at the time (which is why I ordered his program), I would be telling anyone who would listen how great he was. The truth is I was in a downward spiral and the business was next to impossible to save. This gave me a reason to stop the good habits, because, at the time, they weren’t working.

So what are these few things that work for success in life?

  1. Get and stay in the best possible shape you can. To be a success you need energy. The easiest way to get it is to exercise and eat healthy. Plain and simple.
  2. Make a decision. Decide! Really decide what you want and what you are going to do to get it. Decide to start the business, get in shape, etc. This is your vision.
  3. Have a vision. This is what you want to do in life. Think about it all day. Move towards this vision of your business, body, life. Visualize it, dream about it and make actions towards it.

So the formula is this. Decision+Vision=Your Mission

Decide what you are going to do. Then do it. Create a vision for what you want and make it your mission to accomplish it. Everything else is just bullshit.

This is it. Don’t become a self help junkie. Make your decision, have a vision and make it your mission. Start immediately. No need to plan anymore. We are all guilty of this. Action is always better than none. Use motivational videos and books to get you to take action, not to keep planning.