3 Things Which Will Lead You To Success

I am about to reveal my three basic tenets of success. These are the things I wish somebody had told me when I was younger. For decades I have been reading and consuming self help material. I have heard every bad piece of advice known to man.

When I had yet another business fail, I decided to pin down what the exact problem was. I narrowed it down to three things I wished I had learned when searching for help. I came up with these three techniques and decided to launch this website. I wanted to give people real success help that works. These are the three most important things you can do for success in your life.

Get In Shape and Gain Energy….

The first thing you must do for success is to get in the best physical shape possible. The main reason for this is because of what it will do for your energy levels. You should always be trying to gain more personal energy.

Energy will allow you to reach your goals faster and with less effort. How can you possibly be operating at an optimal level if you are tired and bogged down all the time? You can’t. You need to get in shape. You need to implement a program of eating and exercise which will give you MORE energy.

You don’t need to feed your body 5 times a day. You don’t need to eat a huge meal representing all the food groups every meal. You can eat light throughout the day for more energy. If you are working on a big project and on a roll, why would you stop to eat lunch? It will totally derail your momentum and you will never find your way back to where you were before lunch.

If you limit your carbohydrate levels in the morning, you absolutely won’t need to eat at noon. I often will skip lunch if I am busy and motivated. Less food can actually give you more energy!

We have been told for years that skipping meals will make you gain weight. We have been told you must eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have been told to eat snacks in between meals to keep from getting too hungry.

Nothing can be further from the truth. The more you eat, especially if you are eating carbohydrates, the hungrier you will be throughout the day.

Another key component in raising your energy levels is hydration. If you are not properly hydrated you will feel sluggish. You should drink half your bodyweight in ounces every day. (If you weight 180 lbs, you should drink 90 ounces of water a day.) When you are dehydrated you can confuse it with hunger. This can lead to overeating.

You should be exercising 5-6 times per week. This should include weight training and cardiovascular exercise. The more you move your body, the more you will WANT to move your body. Motion creates energy. If you do nothing else, you should be exercising. It can change your mindset instantly and put you into an energetic state.

I used to do what I called The Superman Workout when I was looking for more energy. I decided I was going to start a swimming program at the gym. After 40 minutes or so of swimming I would hit the steam room. Then when I could not stand the steam anymore (about 10 minutes) I would take an ice cold shower. When I walked out of the gym I felt like I was about to come off the ground. I felt absolutely invigorated. This is why I started calling it The Superman Workout. I felt like I was gonna take to the sky and fly!

This is what I felt like after doing what I dubbed The Superman Workout

You absolutely must keep your energy levels high to accomplish great things. This is done by limiting carbohydrates, drinking more water, exercising and eating fewer calories. This is how you can give yourself super human energy levels. This is what the next level achievers are doing.

There is no reason to bog your system down every 3-4 hours with a heavy meal. Eat some protein, maybe some nuts and seeds or veggies. Keep your fire burning. If you eat a bunch of bread or potatoes at lunch time, you will be tired in the afternoon. Your brain won’t be working.

So eat lighter, drink more water, start exercising and watch your energy levels skyrocket.


Stop Consuming and Start Producing

Be a producer instead of a consumer. How many of you follow people who you envy on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? I do.

I have been a “self help” junkie for the last 2 decades. I have read every book and listened to every “guru” out there. I have always been a “consumer” when it comes to self help and improvement. But one day I decided to write my own program. It was a weight loss program. I wrote it, launched it and soon was making 10k a month. A month! You can read about it here. This is what can happen when you start producing instead of consuming.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been working on something and decided to go check out somebody elses content. Next thing I know I have been sucked into an internet rabbit hole. By the time I come up for breath I am tired, unmotivated and have wasted hours.

This is not only about social media consumption. How much time do you spend a day wishing you were somewhere else? How much time do you spend talking about someone more successful than you? How much time are you consumed by something somebody else is doing?

Instead of talking about how so and so lost a bunch of weight and got in shape, why not get yourself in shape. Why not give people a reason to talk about you? Stop consuming other peoples success. Start creating your own. You are giving your personal energy away to someone else when you do this. Create your own energy. Create your own life for THEM to be envious of.

Be the producer. The producer gets the girl or guy. The producer gets the raise or new postiiton. The producer finds a way out of mediocrity. The producer lives a REAL life!

Why not start building your life? Work on the job you have and see how you can become more valuable to the people you work for. This is how people move up and get ahead.

Going from a consumer to a producer will help you recognize opportunity. You will start to develop insight and new ways to make your life better.

Have A Budget and Save What Is Left

Start budgeting and saving. You need to start building YOUR future. Saving some money is the easiest way to start “making more money”. You can give yourself a raise by simply not spending ALL of your money every week. Building your wealth starts with saving money.

If you become successful but don’t know how to live within your means, it does not matter. You will always be broke. I was making a quarter million dollars a month and was basically broke. Why? Because I had no idea how much I was spending.

So my big three success principles are these:

  1. Get in shape and get your energy levels where they should be
  2. Stop consuming and start producing a life you deserve.
  3. Start saving money and growing your life. Stuff doesn’t matter, your bank account does. It will give you peace of mind and a stress free life.

These are the big three guys and gals. This is my mission here. To push these three things as hard as I can. If you can accomplish these three things you will be healthier, happier and have less stress. This will help you live a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life.


The Real Reason Self Help Programs Aren’t Making You A Success

15 or so years ago I ordered my first self help audio program. It was Tony Robbins Personal Power 2. I finished the entire program. It helped. I got into better shape. I figured out a solution for one of my businesses and was overall much more motivated than before. Suddenly I was in the office at 6:00 am every morning. Employees and other business owners in my building commented on it. Things were rolling.

Then the habits I created with this program started to slowly disappear. I quit working out every morning. I started to not be so motivated and pretty soon I had lost the drive I gained during the program. So I decided to try the program again. But it wasn’t new this time. It wasn’t as good. I remember all this stuff I thought. Even when I did the exercises, I didn’t get the same greatness from it. So I ordered another tape program by Earl Nightingale. Different delivery but a great program. Motivated me a little bit but nothing like the first time I went through the Robbins program. Fast forward to now, today.

I have spent the last 15 years reading and listening to self help or motivational material. I have spent countless hours reading. I have watched thousands of videos and seminars and read hundreds of books on the subject. Whether this was productive or not is debatable at this point. I am not living on the beach, working in my dream business. In fact, I am rebuilding a business, in an area I actually hate very much.

In short, what happened is I became a self help junkie. I became more interested in the next thing, instead of what works. If something works you should keep working it. You should not look for a thing that is better. But this is what I have done over and over. It is probably what you do. Everybody does it. This is partially why I started this blog. I knew it would be successful. Why? Because people would rather read about some new trick to make them successful than do the actual work which they know they should be doing. The internet has made this even easier to do. You can get lost for hours and read new insight from somebody, every minute of every day.

I also started this blog to weed through the bs and give people the only things which actually work and will help you improve your life. I have narrowed this down to a few things and that is my message. I am here to give you the few things which really work.

To be fair to Tony Robbins, his program did work. I saw tremendous value from it. Had I been able to turn around my failing business at the time (which is why I ordered his program), I would be telling anyone who would listen how great he was. The truth is I was in a downward spiral and the business was next to impossible to save. This gave me a reason to stop the good habits, because, at the time, they weren’t working.

So what are these few things that work for success in life?

  1. Get and stay in the best possible shape you can. To be a success you need energy. The easiest way to get it is to exercise and eat healthy. Plain and simple.
  2. Make a decision. Decide! Really decide what you want and what you are going to do to get it. Decide to start the business, get in shape, etc. This is your vision.
  3. Have a vision. This is what you want to do in life. Think about it all day. Move towards this vision of your business, body, life. Visualize it, dream about it and make actions towards it.

So the formula is this. Decision+Vision=Your Mission

Decide what you are going to do. Then do it. Create a vision for what you want and make it your mission to accomplish it. Everything else is just bullshit.

This is it. Don’t become a self help junkie. Make your decision, have a vision and make it your mission. Start immediately. No need to plan anymore. We are all guilty of this. Action is always better than none. Use motivational videos and books to get you to take action, not to keep planning.

The Mind Tricks Of The Ultra Successful

I have a friend who is very successful. He makes probably between 500-700k per year depending on the business that year. He is in storm repair work. Before that he was in mortgages and made a lot of money doing that as well. He is always spinning what he does as fun, exciting and amazing no matter what it is. I remember him telling me how awesome he was when he was dead broke after the mortgage business collapsed. At the time I just thought his ego was out of control. Now I know he was just using some sort of mind trick on himself to move him forward where he needs to be. I have never talked to him about this and he probably knows he is doing on some level but not really. It is just how he does it.

I remember the first time I saw the cracks appear in the “self help” fa├žade sold by Tony Robbins and the like. I was a true believer in Mr. Robbins at one point. I used his program and things did change. But it wasn’t really a solid strategy like he tries to sell. It was the motivated state he put me in that helped. I have never understood this. He tries to position himself as a “coach” and strategist when in reality he just motivates people. He knows this. Why the bullshit then? I don’t know.

I had been using and listening to his material for some time when I realized he was just selling mind tricks. The same type my friend uses. They worked for him sure. But they might not work for everybody. Nothing wrong with selling your little tricks you use on yourself to make you successful. What rubs me the wrong was is presenting them as “conditioning” and programming. They are motivational mind tricks and nothing else.

When I finally came to this realization I felt like a sucker. Like I had been played. I had. Most successful people have their own tricks and use their own ideas, not someone else’s. Solid business strategies and focusing on growth of sales, profits, etc. are much more productive then shooting for the stars and hoping you hit a home run. But this is the thing.

People don’t want to hear about sales and profits. They want to hear about magical strategies and see your car, yacht, house, etc. Tony and others like him know this. They use this to get people to think if they do these same things then maybe they too might have a house overlooking the ocean. But more often than not, this is not the case. People like Mr. Robbins are super, ultra driven and motivated people. I would guess you could put a guy like him in any sales position and he would be making a million a year in short order. Most people are not this motivated and don’t have this much energy.

The first program I listened to him he went on and on about how he had a house by the ocean and a stretch limo within months of applying the things he was teaching. What he didn’t say was that he didn’t own that house. He covered his ass in a later program and said that he really thought it was his so it was (or something like that). He was renting it and then after saying on live TV that it was his house he worked out a rent to own sort of thing so he wouldn’t seem like a charlatan for saying it was his house. Then I watched a a&e biography of Tony and his friend stated that he was hustling every day and week to make his payment on this house. I understand why he did this. He built this image and sold it. I ain’t mad. I am just trying to give you the truth. Build your own brand. Make your own rituals and tricks. Use people like this to inspire you but don’t buy into the bullshit.

I am not bashing Tony Robbins. I like his message and if you emulated him you would probably see better results in like and business. He definitely has something to offer to people. He definitely is successful. I am just saying. Read between the lines and see him and others like him for what they are. They are hustlers. Motivators. Hard workers. Driven people. They got to where they are by working really hard at what they do: motivate people. They don’t have any strategies which will perform magic in your life.

Here is the greatest and most profound way to change your life and I somewhat learned it from Tony Robbins. Take two things which you need to change in your life and decide, really DECIDE, to change them right now. Then write down a few things you can do to start changing them today. Then write three things everyday you can do to change these things. People quit smoking, lose weight and make more money just by doing this simple exercise and you don’t need a seminar to do it. Get a pen and a paper and get started right now. Today.

Create your own little mind tricks. When you find something that works repeat it over and over and over again. This is what successful people do. I am here to spread the truth and give you advice that works, plain and simple.



The Real Reason You Are Not Successful

First I want to clear the air. I am so fucking sick and tired of hearing the excuses of why a self help method or law of attraction method doesn’t work. Not from the people trying said methods, but the people pushing these bullshit methods.

Attract These…

So you are not “attracting” money and success? Oh, it must be that you don’t believe. You don’t have a mansion and Porsche? Oh, you are just focusing on the negativity right before you are about to be blessed. Or the one I like the best: you have a problem receiving. I have heard many new age bullshitters spout this one.

So how do I know so much about these bullshit excuses? Well, I have read hundreds of books and probably thousands of articles on these so called methods of “attraction” and “manifestation”. I have read pretty much every self help strategy at one point or another. At some point I was into just about every self help or new age teacher. This is how I do it. If I like someone and their message resonates with me, I buy everything they have to offer. So I am not bashing people for listening to these “teachers”, but just trying to spread some truth (which is the whole point of this blog). I want to point out the “self help” scam and point people towards business and life strategies which actually work.


Now don’t get me wrong. I think there is a little truth to all of this. The bible says you reap what you sow. True. It also says you can move mountains with your faith. Probably somewhat true. But, when it doesn’t work and you have been following it with your heart and head it can seem like complete and utter bullshit after a long enough time. I am at this time in my life. I am beginning to see through the bullshit. And it is bullshit. Not the bible mind you, but the idea that you can change your attitude and faith and everything in life will turn around. Let me explain.

Do I think that you can attract goodness into your life by thinking positive thoughts? Yes. I think if you think positive thoughts you can most certainly have better results than a negative person. But will your positive thoughts manifest things in your life like magic? No. That’s well packaged bullshit. Serendipity or the Universe or God will help those who work hard and present the “universe” with more options. In other words, if you work hard, give yourself more opportunities, you will inevitably experience a greater chance of having some things work out for you. This will seem like magic to a lifelong slacker who grew up thinking they were destined to be poor.

Now, I am not bashing faith and belief. These are strong things that can indeed move mountains. But you must do things. You must move things forward. Hang around really successful people for a while and it won’t take you long to realize why they are successful.

What Really Works…

I do work for a multi millionaire real estate developer in my town. He was once mayor and owns a huge real estate brokerage and management company. I am not on his level. I am many rungs below his level. I am a owner of a contracting company that does work for his company. But you know what? If I call him, he answers his phone. ALWAYS. He was on his was into a city council meeting one time and took my call about a small ( I mean really small ) concrete job we were doing for him. He met me on a Saturday, driving a Ferrari, about a 5-6,000 dollar job one time in his workout clothes. It didn’t take me long to realize why he was so successful. You think he sits around thinking about “manifesting” and the universe. No, he is busy making moves and building his business.

My point is this. Can this stuff help? Sure. But don’t get wrapped up thinking about it. I wasted a good many years thinking eventually this self help stuff would help me out in life. It really didn’t. I should have been focused on things like making more sales and shrinking my ever growing list of business expenses and overhead. I should have been focusing on saving money instead of spending it. I should have been reading real business strategies. Remember, most self help gurus have never done anything except sell self help strategies. If you want to read true self help material, then read the biographies of successful businessmen.